Plant-Based Food Philosophy & Recipes

Plant-Based Food Philosophy & Recipes

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For many years we had a vegan kitchen, about fourteen years. My kids were raised on a mostly plant-based diet - all plants at home, other options available out of the house. 

When the kids were teenagers we introduced animal products into the home, because I wanted to. And you can read all about how that change happened in the Becoming Un-vegan series. It's a long story and needs a few posts for the telling.

We are currently a mixed-eating household. Vegan, mostly-vegan, and full-on omnivores.

The posts here are mostly from those fourteen plant-based eating years, with the addition of my personal becoming un-vegan story.

One of my post significant written contributions to plant-based recipes was the short ebook I wrote on meal-sized salads. You can read more about that and download for free here.

For more vegan and plant-based inspiration you can follow my daughter's vegan instagram account. For menu planning and kitchen work related posts see this resource page.