Lip Balm & Lotion

Lip Balm & Lotion

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After my first try at lip balm I was hooked. Here was something I could easily whip up in my own kitchen, for mere pennies a container. It smelled good, tasted good, kept my lips moisturized and all the ingredients were available at the health food store. From there I experimented with body lotion and, like they rest, the rest is history.

I've been making my own body care products now for years. 

A note about measurements:

My personal care product recipes are a mish-mash of imperial and metric measurements because because I’ve lived in both Canada and the United States and I can work fairly easily in both types of measurements. I also have a great scale that lets me convert values and does the thinking for me.

I find it is sometimes easier to express a recipe quantity in ounces, other times in grams. I choose whatever is the easier number to express, even if it’s sometimes less precise, for example, 1 oz = 28.35 gm. The ounces are less precise but are good enough for my purpose.

I also sometimes use weight (technically mass) and volume measurements in the same recipe, i.e. milliliters (mL) and teaspoons (tsp) are volume measurements, ounces (oz) is weight. I use both weight and volume measurements depending on the ingredient type. It is very hard to measure a full, flat teaspoon of beeswax for example, as well as other “chunky” oils and waxes.

I use a kitchen scale for all my weight measurements.