Herbal Skin Remedies

Herbal Skin Remedies

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My herbal knowledge is limited mostly to herbs for skin care, in support of my soapmaking and the natural skin care products I craft. My personal study has ventured a little into internally administered herbal medicine and I practice, from time to time, my knowledge on my "test subjects" (aka: my children).

I am slowly building a stash of high grade essential oils, along with the knowledge and experience in using them, to augment my herbal remedies.

Recommended Sources

If you are looking to buy bulk herbs or essential oils online or to find courses to learn herbalism, I can recommend the following stores and schools from experience:

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Recipes Posted to Instagram

Sometimes it's super easy to post a quick herbal tutorial to my Instagram feed, like micro-blogging. Here are the herbal skin care recipes I've shared on Instagram.

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