Household Management & Organization

Household Management & Organization

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As an E/ISTJ, Type 6 person (see personality posts for explanation) good management is how I approach problems. Both solving them and ideally, avoiding them in the first place. (No, it doesn't always work.)

I like to manage people, resources, time, and spaces. But all the schedules, well thought plans and organized cupboards in the world do not ameliorate or pre-empt heartache and difficulty. Learning how to live, love, and lead with open hands, head and heart and letting go of expectations and my desire to control, while still bringing my skills and managing mindset to situations has been a chief area of growth in my adult life, especially through my thirties.

As our home manager I make lots of the final decisions on matters of space, schedules, plans, and finances. But I have to be careful that the motivation behind these decisions is the overall well-being of my family and the nurturing of relationships, not simply the desire to exert my will over others. Such a great journey of growth around this!

These posts are some of the nitty gritty, both practical tools and mindset, of how I manage our family life and home. They are also a fun flashback at what life looked like when my kids were much younger.

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