Weekending & What I'm Into

Occasionally I publish a weekend story telling type post to my blog email subscribers (some people prefer to read blogs in their email, or receive notification of new posts via email and I have a sign up for for that on my blog). These emails contain a weekend story and often links to things I'm interested in; what I'm reading or listenting to, maybe favorite recipes.

I don't publish these Weekending emails to my blog, they are a "bonus" for email subscribers but I've included links to them below. If you want to read these as they are released please use the subscribe service on my site.

I don't travel the internet all that far and wide. And I'm also extremely loyal, so I don’t have new and interesting links to share that often. But there are some blogs, articles, podcasts, and books about which I just keep thinking, "I gotta share these”.

This is a series of those posts, started in Autumn 2016, “must-share” links from my online and information world. Ideas, people and digital places that nourish, inspire, encourage, challenge and interest me.

What I'm into (early fall)

What I'm into (early fall)

I've had a growing desire to resurrect the idea of "linky" posts. If not resurrect at least revisit. I have some favorite stuff I want to share, so I'd like to start sharing that with you, today.