If you visit Montreal

If you visit Montreal

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As a newbie resident of Montreal I see the city, and all its wonders, with fresh eyes.

I love Montreal and this is where I share my favorite things about the city, insider tips and recommendations if you're planning a visit. 

A Youtuber Video (not mine) about my neighborhood - Rosemont. I love our neighborhood.

  • Skating in Montreal - The city and neighborhoods ensure that skating is an accessible winter sport to city residents, outdoor rinks pop up all over the city.
  • At the market - It is completely possible in Montreal to eat a wide variety of exclusively Quebec grown produce through the summer months.
  • Summer Stories ~ Bixi - Montreal is a city for biking, and you don't even have to own a bike, you can subscribe to the bike sharing service called Bixi.
  • Cheaper than a hotel: family-friendly travel accommodations - Four different types of accommodations we've used over the years to make travel more affordable.

We have an outdoor adventure journal website, called Outsideways, where we regularly post trip and trail reports from many different types of adventures.

Here are the trip reports, including map links, from our adventures around Montreal. So much here to discover and do.