Soap Recipes

Soap Recipes

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Clove, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary oils; calendula, chocolate, cinnamon, and tumeric. It sounds a bit like cooking but it's actually the alchemy and art of making luscious smelling and naturally nourishing soap.

Most of these aren't step by step recipes as such. Rather, inspiration for crafting your own artisan soaps.

A note about measurements:

My personal care product recipes are a mish-mash of imperial and metric measurements because because I’ve lived in both Canada and the United States and I can work fairly easily in both types of measurements. I also have a great scale that lets me convert values and does the thinking for me.

I find it is sometimes easier to express a recipe quantity in ounces, other times in grams. I choose whatever is the easier number to express, even if it’s sometimes less precise, for example, 1 oz = 28.35 gm. The ounces are less precise but are good enough for my purpose.

I also sometimes use weight (technically mass) and volume measurements in the same recipe, i.e. milliliters (mL) and teaspoons (tsp) are volume measurements, ounces (oz) is weight. I use both weight and volume measurements depending on the ingredient type. It is very hard to measure a full, flat teaspoon of beeswax for example, as well as other “chunky” oils and waxes.

I use a kitchen scale for all my weight measurements.

Lye & recipe calculators for making your own recipes: