Life 3.0 (Making the Big Move)

Life 3.0 (Making the Big Move)

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In the spring of 2011 our family left Maine, where we lived for nine years, to move back to Canada. 

This was a major move. A starting over of sorts. A re-boot of family life. It deserved a name, so we christened it Life 3.0. 

We were fueled by a dream to to live in a more natural environment, build location-independent work, experience beauty and adventure right outside our door, integrate our passions with our livelihood (could we earn a living from our interests?), work together as a couple, and raise our soon-to-be teenaged children in an atmosphere of possibility, adventure, and excitement about the future.

Spoiler Alert: things didn't go exactly as anticipated.

We accomplished many of the things we set out to do, but the doing of them brought about a mid-life crisis for me. And the deepest irony is that we intended to have a mid-thirties adventure so we didn't have a mid-life crisis! (I even wrote this exact thing in this post.) That's embarrassing.

Maybe we could have avoided the crisis-part had we known ourselves better. But we only learned certain things about ourselves in the sequence of events, lifestyle choices, and adventures (including hiking the Appalachian Trail) that followed our big move. We might not have learned those lessons otherwise.

Life is funny that way. And hard that way.

These posts tell some of that story.