Heal-All Skin Salve

One of the gifts under the tree for family this year.

This healing skin ointment is inspired by a salve I bought years ago. After using that purchased product and becoming more familiar with herbs and home remedies I decided to try making my own. This recipe is a further refinement and improvement on my first attempts.



  • Olive
  • Canola, Maine grown & organic
  • Coconut, Organic


  • Beeswax, Maine
  • Honey, Maine, raw, organic
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract, a natural preservative
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil

Follow the instructions on this post for how to make a salve.

Heal-All Skin Salve can be applied liberally to cuts, burns, scrapes, rashes, dry skin, and insect bites. Use caution with large open wounds (but then again those should probably be checked by a doctor). Our family has used this remedy for years and is our go-to at the first sign of skin troubles. The herbs in this salve have been chosen specifically for their healing properties for skin ailments. 

Looking to buy dried herbs to prepare your own remedies?

I recommend either Mountain Rose Herbs or the Bulk Herb Store. I am an affiliate for both.

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  • Tiffany

    Tiffany on Aug. 28, 2014, 10:29 p.m.

    OMG! Can you please send me the full recipe? My sister had really bad eczema as a child and this horticulturist couple that was living and traveling in a small trailler pulled by horses had made this salve and gave it to my sister to try.... Her eczema cleared in no time! I've been looking for this ever since! And since the coupled were just passing by, i never came in contact with them again to get the recipe!


    • renee

      renee on Sept. 18, 2014, 3:46 p.m.

      I don't have the recipe for this salve anymore but it's really easy to make following the steps outlined in this post. 


  • Elaine

    Elaine on Feb. 28, 2015, 9:35 p.m.

    Hi, really want to make this, just wondered what the ratio of herbs is or is it equal parts?


    • renee

      renee on March 2, 2015, 8:13 p.m.

      Elaine, I don't even remember anymore. I'm guessing roughly equal with emphasis on Comfrey, Plantain, Yarrow & Calendula.


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