Visiting Family

Almost near the end of our vacation in Nova Scotia. Yesterday we went to visit Damien's cousin Gisele and her husband Albert, who live about an hour from my parent's place. What a memorable and lovely time. They live on a peninsula in a lake and the kids thoroughly enjoyed their private sandy beach. Laurent is loving his new mask & snorkel. He's well on his way to becoming a diver/marine biologist (his future vocational interest and passion).

The really neat thing about our visit was the interests we had in common with these relatives we've only met once! The things we aspire to do with our children - backpacking, adventure trips, more camping, hiking etc... they've done with their 3 children who are now grown. And hearing them share how meaningful these trips were to them and their children encouraged us in our family's goals and plans. Also, they are really into nutrition and prepared us a delicious gluten-free vegan meal. Trust me, that doesn't happen too often, it seems most people are afraid to feed us! The whole experience was wonderful. Can't wait to come back and go hiking with them or explore the lake on the kayak or eat more of Gisele's awesome cooking.

Gisele & Albert Bohemier

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