Freedom Education: A Course in Life & Homeschooling

Freedom Education: A Course in Life and Homeschooling was created and offered in early 2019 on the Patreon platform.

The course is now “closed” to new content, however all three month’s worth of existing course material remain available on Patreon or self-paced study.

To access the course, support my Patreon at the $20 USD/month level and you’ll have immediate access to the entire three month course. You can cancel your support at any time.

Freedom Education Course Outline

  • What is Freedom Education?
  • What is a philosophy of education and how do you create one?
  • Living a life of big dreams with small steps. (Or, doing the Next Right Thing.)
  • Tools and perspectives to define your family values, priorities, and goals for home education.
  • How knowing your kids, knowing yourself and understanding how personality affects everything.
  • A framework for stages of learning and using structures and systems (for home and education) in-line with each stage.
  • How to create your own curriculum and explore and implement many diverse learning methods.
  • How to plan, keep records, and assess learning.
  • Understanding motivation, do we choose love or fear?
  • Nurturing motivation in our children.
  • Living and homeschooling courageously.

Teaching is delivered with video instruction, handouts, and supplemental materials, designed to encourage and support a deep-dive into the theories and practice of interest-led, self-directed, relationship-based learning and parenting.

This course has a unique mix of practical application, personal stories, psychological discussion, and philosophical considerations. We don’t just talk about homeschooling, we explore our biases, assumptions, and beliefs about education, relationships, and family life.

Homeschooling is more than providing an education at home. It's how you learn, live, and love as a family. The how is as important as what.

The purpose of a freedom education is to grow an individual who is free to serve, free to love, free to flourish and bring their best to the world.

This course will support you in that journey by helping you think critically and creatively about the foundation and application of lifelong learning and loving relationships in our homes.

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Cultivating the courage to change the world within our homes by how we love, how we live, and how we learn.