Week in review

Last weekend we were building snow forts and throwing snow balls. This weekend the kids went wading in their kiddie pool - yes in in bathing suits and water. In between these two weekends Maine was pummelled with a hurricane force rainstorm that devestated areas of the coast (we live well inland), flooded many local rivers and basements and left many without power. Needless to say it has been quite a week.

In spite of all that bad weather we've had some fun community building gatherings in the past week. In between the snowstorm and the rainstorm we drove to North Yarmouth for a family contradance and potluck supper - with lots of great vegan food! Wednesday night we hosted a "get to know your local CSA farm" night at our house. We had a full house of 10 kids and 8 adults. Last night we had a vegan potluck, music and games night. It was great with friends having come from near and far. Some played instruments -Uillleann pipes, guitars, fiddle & penny whistle while others less talented played Sequence! Celine joined in on a tin can and Laurent on his penny whistle and harmonica - gotta get those kids some music lessons!

Earlier this week the kids discovered a new, hidden playspace they call their hideout. It's underneath the eave of our roof, a little space off the girl's closet. We've always known it was there but I was kind of scared to explore it. I think I was afraid I'd find mice droppings and who knows what. The nasty weather drove us to explore this unknown space as we had a leak in our kitchen and we had to find the source. Our quest for the leak's source took us to this space where we discovered a pipe that goes up through the roof where water was getting in(nothing major though). The kids were thrilled with our find. The next day after our discovery we vacuumed it (no mice droppings that I could find) and the kids proceeded to set up house. I am so pleased they have this little secret space to play, in spite of the occasional nail sticking through the ceiling. I remember having little hidden places as a child and I treasure those memories....

The week was both eventful and mundane with everyday life. And then as the weather warmed and the sun started to shine the mundane became much more bearable, even enjoyable. Cooking supper to the laughter of your children running outdoors is much more pleasurable than the couped-up-indoors whine of "I'm bored, there's nothing to do".

Thank God for spring, sunshine, sump pumps, electricity, meals with friends, music and hideouts.

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