Snow Day

Going out for crickets

This was our second snow day of the winter season. The first was Monday 2 weeks ago. Monday is a work day for me so although Damien got to stay home I didn't get much of "free" day. Today however I did : ) Our only plan was to gather with other believers at a friend's house for lunch. We canceled that mid morning and the day was wide open.

Damien, Celine and Laurent braved the elements and walked to the pet store to buy crickets for Laurent's lizards. The lizards were acquired earlier this week and I'm hoping Laurent will post about it soon. They took a hot water bottle in an insulated lunch bag to keep the critters warm on the way home - too funny. While they were gone Brienne & I played Chutes & Ladders and I crocheted.

And then... I started a project I hadn't really even intended to start - taking apart and re-sewing our bed's duvet cover. I've been wanting to buy a new one but after watching The Story Of Stuff this morning I was convinced otherwise. It's a perfectly good cover that just needed to be fixed. And I did it!

I'm so thankful I had a free day to tackle this project otherwise I don't know how many months it would of sat on the to-do list. While I sewed the kid's crafted and after Daddy's nap he took over supervising their sewing requests as they all needed to use the machine for various projects they were working on. Damien's boots & kids' snowshoes 

We lit the 3rd advent candle tonight, the Angel's candle and then had a great talk with the kids about hearing the voice of God and doing His will. The wind is still blowing and I'm ready to tuck into bed under my "new" bedspread. What a lovely snow day.

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