Damien & I just finished watching Micheal Moore's new movie Sicko. To be honest, it leaves me wondering "why exactly ARE we living in the States??"

Being from Canada I realize it is not the utopia he paints it to be. Ironically my only experience with anything "medical" in Canada I had to pay for - Celine's homebirth. Our only US experiences with anything even close to major medical issues were when our family was covered under Maine's state health program, which was better than any coverage we'd received in Canada. By the way, all Canadians I know, myself included, believe in universal health care, doesn't matter how far to the right you are.

Either way, our lives are in God's hands and we came to Maine, stay in Maine and make Maine home because this is where we believe God has put us. But truth be told, if we ran into serious medical difficulties that our insurance wouldn't pay for I'd be packin' up and heading north - how's that for faith??

Ok, watch out - here comes a rant.... What really disturbs me, more in more, in things I read and hear on the news is how the rich keep getting richer and are not taking care of the poor. And what really riles me is that the political party that passes these get richer tax policies & slashes holes in the (supposed) social safety net is supported whole heartedly and without reservation by many Christians, who are supposed to be caring for the "least of these". Instead many of these believers think that churches should care for the poor. But I don't know many churches that can fork over $50,000 every time someone in their community needs surgery/procedure x, y or z.

Arghh...ok I'm done. There is no easy answer. And to be honest, in the past I've supported (in theory - remember I can't vote) aforementioned political party. I'm coming clean. But I haven't, in good conscience, been able to align myself with any political party for some time now. Just makes me yearn even more for the Kingdom of God and His ecomony - the first shall be last and the last shall be first (oh yikes for all us living high off the hog in the Western world). And for the community of believers to come together and be all that Christ modeled for us to be - unselfish, non-materialistic, radically loving.

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  • Karen

    Karen on Dec. 3, 2007, 1:55 a.m.

    Ya how about a little east and the a bit North. We dont even have to pay any health premium cost, although I am sure the taxes we pay cover those costs.


  • marcapitman

    marcapitman on Dec. 5, 2007, 6:28 p.m.

    Yep, I too am increasingly disenfranchised with the Republican party. But not enough to make a break yet. There are good, moderate things happening within it.

    I love what you said about church's forking over $50,000. That's what it should be all about. Can you imagine having that built in as an expected church expense?! How refreshing!


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