Technology as a Tool

This is a presentation I gave to a group of homeschoolers in 2018 at the ACPEQ homeschool convention in Laval, Quebec.

The presentation was not recorded but my slideshow can be viewed here and my notes can be downloaded here.


Preparing our kids for a productive adult life in a modern society is our job as parents and homeschoolers. We live in a world with increasing opportunity, access, and dependency on computers and internet technologies. Sometimes this is a reality we fear but it can also be a reality we maximize.

As homeschoolers, we are in the unique position to create a curriculum and learning environment best suited to our individual students and our family goals and values. The vast world of computer technology is at our disposal; to access, use, and leverage for the benefit of our students, families, and our communities.

Beyond the realm of computer-delivered curriculum, online classes, and other education-specific programs is an expansive set of tools to help you create meaningful, real-world learning experiences within your homeschool.

In this presentation Renee encourages us to think beyond computer delivered curriculum, sharing stories and experiences of homeschool families using computer and internet technologies to create stuff, connect, and collaborate.


This presentation featured 6 case studies. One of those was a fan film being created by two homeschool brothers, Sam & Joe Warfel. You can view that finished full-length film Star Wars: The Force Thieves on YouTube.

See also this podcast interview with Abby & David Warfel about project-based learning and using technology as a tool in home education.