Valentine's Day


My love is like a cabbage Divided into two. The leaves I give to others But the heart I give to you.

I love this poem, and no it's not my own. I found it in a children's Valentine's book. Tomorrow is the big red heart day. We're expecting a blizzard/snowstorm so all scheduled activities are cancelled - yeah! I seriously need an at-home day. Although we'll probably spend most of it cleaning the upstairs and finding the kid's beds and floors we'll make sure to celebrate the day. Heart shaped pancakes are in order for breakfast and assuming we can pick up our sitter Damien and I are going for lunch. I just finished making Valentines for the kids, I knew those scrapbooking supplies would come in handy one day. I've never given them cards before on V-day but I know they have been making cards for me ("don't look mommy" whisper, whisper). Today we spent the morning at friends for an informal Valentine's party - more card making, heart shaped sugar cookies with pink icing (quintessential holiday party food) and lots of general running around - they loved it.

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  • barbara

    barbara on Feb. 21, 2007, 7:34 a.m.

    Valentine Day was a working day for me, so there was no time to go anywhere for any special celebration. And the snowy weather was not encouraging for an outing either. So, on my way home from work (7:00 a.m.) I stopped by IGA to gather a few special items and headed home for my night shift nap. After a relaxing visit with Dad when I woke up, we both headed for the kitchen to prepare (together), a nice at -home 'valentine dinner'...baked potato with sour cream, green beans, salad, t-bone steaks with fresh mushrooms and onion, a glass of wine... and a slice of cheesecake for dessert...perfect...made with love, for each other...


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