This space called mid-winter

Frozen rosebush

Winter routines slighty tiresome and weary.
Like Laurent, who wants soil for planting seeds, wondering when I can dig in the dirt again.

At the same time, not wanting to be there... quite yet.
Reminding myself enjoy the skating, hot cocoa, reading books on the couch.
The snowpants and mittens drip, drip drying.

Ah, the mess! Of near constant indoor crafting So much creative energy Inwardly chastising myself to appreciate, savor, encourage.

Easier to stay up late and sleep in Oh get up already you lazy bones missing morning quiet time...

Bundling kids in the car off to dance, off to art library, visit friends

Wandering the wilderness looking for a church are there kindred souls out there, only blocks away??

Project planning Patching, painting walls dreaming, scheming somewhat freezing in our chilly house

Meals to prepare each day Hosting weekly gatherings health course, potlucks, dinner served to friends

Crashing on the couch tonight to watch a silly movie. Laughing with my children tucking them into bed in messy rooms

Ran out of time to bathe the kids One day more won't hurt...

Learning projects, cleaning projects creative life and house. Some get done and others wait and wait Shuffle, shuffle My life's a clumsy dance

Everything just repeats itself meals, clean up, meals, clean up I never leave this room...

Busy week approaching tomorrow's day of rest slowing down just to catch my breath.

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  • Karen

    Karen on Feb. 11, 2007, 4:52 a.m.

    Renee, your prose poetry is wonderfully descriptive. It matches so well with your photograph of the flower being caught in its winter space. I know your creativity is expressed in many ways, but I had no idea that included poetry.


    • renee

      renee on Feb. 11, 2007, 1:43 p.m.


      Last night's poem was one of my first. On occasion I write poetry in my journal - more psalms like - lamenting, rejoicing. I just was in the mood for a poem - thought it best expressed my heart and state of mind. Reading friend's blogs has inspired me to be more creative in my writing. That and reading children's literature with my kids - snuggled on the couch.


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