Trail Journal from Brown Gap, TN

I've been working on a little project these days.

This year Damien completely re-built, re-designed, and re-purposed (you could say it was a recycling project) our old adventure blog Outsideways into a new online community for outdoor adventurers to share their experiences with family, friends, and the world. It's a social networking site and one day, hopefully, an app where people can easily post and share journals of their outdoor adventures.

I am helping build content for the site by publishing a trail journal from our AT adventure. What this means practically is that I'm finally editing my photos from that trip and choosing the best images to publish and share. And I'm re-reading and editing, for public consumption, the daily diary I kept while we were hiking the trail.

Someday I'll tell you more about this project. What it means for me to be re-reading and publishing my journals. And what Damien hopes to accomplish with this site. (If you're an outdoorsy person who has adventures and is looking for a social networking platform to share those adventures and connect with other adventurers, you need to check out Outsideways. Someday it's going to be the Facebook of the outdoors community.)

Once a week I work on my journal Beyond our Boundaries and publish my hiking diary and favorite photos from each day of our hike. I'm currently on Day 26.

Damien just programmed a new feature which allows members to embed their journal entries. So I'm posting that here today.

Each day on the trail brought new experiences and challenges but this particular day was stellar, so it's a good one to share. But don't worry, all the days are being shared in my trail journal, the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you're reading this post in email and don't see anything below this line, click over to the blog to read the post. I haven't done this before. I don't know how it will work.

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