(this week's) top three reasons we homeschool

No doubt there's as many reasons to homeschool as there are days in the year. Today, kids in our town started school a full 3 days before labor day weekend (seems wrong to me).

Three days, three reasons for homeschooling.

  1. We'd rather go to the beach on the nicest day of August than go back to school.

  1. We study monarchs up close and personal and not as a part of a class project with 30 other rugrats, three rugrats are enough thanks.

  2. My kiddos were just starting to rub their sleepy eyes when the school bus rumbled down the street at 7:30 this morning.

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous on Sept. 4, 2008, 4:56 p.m.

    That is so funny, I clicked on "comments" because I wanted to say "amen and amen!" And I see my sweet hubby has beat me to it! LOL!

    Last spring I did a standardized test with Levi (one done at home, by me) to kind of check in before launching into "5th grade" with him at home. And guess what!? He is mostly ahead... even with going to beach in September, even with no workbooks (except math), and with no textbooks! (Only "real" books are rad here!) So I enter this school year with so much more confidence, that I can relax, and discover cool things along with my kids. Thanks Renee, for you encouragement... you were a big part of my being brave enough to relax in the first place!


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