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What does homeschooling look like today? In a word, messy. It started this morning with finding flat plastic trays to catch the mess and water under our seedling trays. Celine and I took an adult ed course last night on starting seedlings indoors and came home with some seeds carefully set in potting mix and ready to be watered.

Then it was Brienne's idea to set up a post office. So, out come all the saved boxes and envelopes & miscellaneous stickers (stamps). My day has involved many trips to this post office to both mail and pick up packages. The service is friendly and expedient but costs are high, I guess that's what you pay for such pleasant service.

At some point during the post office set up we needed to finish our letters to our city councilor. We are asking her to vote to restore a downtown playground that was demolished last year. In Laurent's word "please put the park back up because the kids don't have nearby parks and they don't have cars". Well said. This was a good time to practice the handwriting series instruction that we started with Celine the beginning of this year. The daily practice of such has improved both Celine and mommy's handwriting.

Onto the latest endeavors. While Brienne continues to operate her post office Celine has decided to sew a purse for her doll. And Laurent is writing a book about snails, butterflys and flowers.

Before all the creative energy erupted however the kids managed to complete their daily chores - dishwasher, folding and hanging laundry, bathroom and kitchen tidying. We also squeezed in a review of our scripture memory. I've managed to get lunch made but to be honest I haven't showered yet or brushed my teeth. So I'm off to do that and then I'll start preparing for the vegan potluck and games night we hosting tonight. While I finish writing this Laurent has finished his book and is getting ready to make another doll, a female companion for this beloved Rick - the purple doll I made his last year.

Gotta run. At some point I'll have to rein in this creative energy so our house looks presentable by 6pm....

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  • becky

    becky on Feb. 3, 2007, 1:36 a.m.

    Celine, Laurent and Brienne,

    Wow you had a very productive day.... good job on the post office Brienne. What kind of seeds did you all plant?

    Creative days are some the best! Can't wait to see pics of the new purse, doll and the cool book.

    Thanks for sharing, Ja-ira loves the pictures of her cousins....and yes she's talking to each one right now!

    Love Auntie Becky


  • Amanda

    Amanda on Feb. 5, 2007, 2:40 a.m.

    Wow! It looks like you guys are having fun inside during this cold season. I hope to see how your seeds turn out. You have made me excited for March/April when I get to start mine! So what did you all plant?

    Haylee, Hayden & Harrison wish they could come join you in your post office. They sure miss you guys and often ask when they get to play with you again ....


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