Stuffed Tomatoes

I'm a pretty proud mama this evening. My eight year old wanted to "make something" today. So we put her creative energies to work in the kitchen, and what fun we had. She choose a recipe for cottage cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes but seeing as we don't eat cottage cheese we improvised with tofu. They were truly fabulous and I'm not just saying that because my daughter made them! She picked the tomatoes, measured all the ingredients, used the food processor, stuffed and served. I'm looking forward to many happy years in the kitchen with her.

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  • Karen

    Karen on Aug. 15, 2007, 1:20 a.m.

    Celine, there's lots of room for you in my kitchen. Come cook with me anytime. I love your curiosity and courage to try new, out-of-the-ordinary stuff.


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