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Thanks to a friend's blog I took an on-line personality test last night. Not sure that I totally agree with the results. I feel this test did not take into account that I am a stay at home/homeschooling mother. The context of the questions seemed to assume most of my daily interactions are with adults. I think for this reason I swung towards the introverted side of the scale. My natural tendency after a day spent with inquisitive & creative children asking lots of questions is to "prefer time spent alone". I don't know that these sanity preserving tendencies make me an introvert.

But I think what is most disturbing about this personality survey is that my overall rating does not reflect my inner free-spirited, flowing hippie skirt self. Instead it suggests I am, how to say it - uptight. Oh, the truth hurts. However, I am also loyal, faithful, dependable and honest even if I'm not adventurous or spontaneous.

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