Freeport Summer Night

We joined the masses yesterday for an afternoon of shopping and a free evening concert in Freeport. This summer's concert series has been top notch and last night we saw Brandi Carlile opening for the Indigo Girls. I am a big Brandi Carlile fan and I've always liked the Indigo Girls. But to be honest, I find Indigo Girl lyrics too dense to follow. I can get lost in the the harmonies but as soon as I try to follow the lyrics I get bogged down in listening. I wish I had liner notes to follow the songs. Carlile on the other is fairly straightforward and easy to sing along to, which I did, especially since I have her album. And her voice and lyrical range is rich and varied, a treat to listen to. The summer evening was very wonderful. A night spent outdoors with my family listening to amazing acoustic guitar playing & vocal harmonies. Lovely.

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