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Why do people live where they live? How do they decide where to call “home”? How do you define home? How does the answer to these questions change through the different seasons of our lives? What’s gained and what’s lost in where we choose to live?


Living as we do, in a migrating, globalizing, and mobile world, these are fascinating questions to me. Since my own story is one of moving and migration I have been playing with these questions for two decades. And I’ve spent a far amount of writing energy seeking answers to these questions.

I love to know why people live where they do. To hear their stories of how they got there. Basically, people’s life stories and their motivations and decision making process fascinate me. I always want to know why and how things come to be.

This video is my own story of why and how I live where I do right now, in Montreal, and the motivating factors and decision making for where I will call home in the not-too-distant future (one guess where that might be).

A couple weeks after publishing this post my mom shared her own perspective on her blog, reflecting on the conversations we've had about this over the years, and the big decisions of this year.

Also, if you get the end of this video (wow, thanks!) take a peek at this post, to get a sense of how full-circle this all feels for me. Also, the kids! Look at how little they were!

I reference some previous writing of mine in this video. You can find those stories here:

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