Mid-Winter: Skiing

Damien was gone for nine days this month and I have to admit winter was harder in his absence. I realized a lot of my joy in this season comes from doing fun stuff together. (And having someone to snow blow the driveway helps too.)

Damien returned early last week, he made it home in-between two storms. Winter storms, or at least snow fall, means better skiing conditions, better skiing conditions means more fun. So unlike a lot of winter-cranky northerners we welcome snow. Because by our way of thinking (and living) snow=fun.

With each fresh snowfall, Friday morning skiing is an activity I anticipate all week and Sunday is a day to get in as many runs as possible. And this year, on my alpine touring skis, I feel confident, and am having fun, on everything but the double black diamonds.

Mid-winter is the time for many activities - playing hockey, crafting, enjoying hot drinks, making soap, walking in the woods. And it is most definitely the time for skiing.

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  • Anna

    Anna on Feb. 23, 2015, 2:41 p.m.

    We thoroughly enjoyed a snowfall here in Toronto. And yes, I am finding a lot of people cranky because they don't know how to embrace the great things about every season. I want to thank you for the inspiration to get outside. I am trying to get myself and my homeschooler outside for two hours outside everyday. It's been 10 days and so far so good.



  • Nicola

    Nicola on Feb. 23, 2015, 2:59 p.m.

    I hope Damien's trip was successful (in whatever way it was intended to be). That looks like such fun! I am longing now! Of course, we never have snow that sticks in coastal Northern California, but global warming has meant that we have no snow in the mountains and not enough rain. No skiing this year. It is alarming that we have none and the U.S. east coast is being hit by snow and ice storms in dangerous amounts.


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