last tomatoes?

I may have harvested the last of the ripe tomatoes today. I suspect sometime during my trip to my cousin's wedding next week we'll get a frost and whatever is left will be lost. I'll harvest all the green ones before I leave and hopefully they'll ripen inside.

I can't recall exactly how many tomato plants I planted - maybe 7. They have yielded an amazing amount of fruit, no fertilizer Mom : ) and have given me a lot of joy to watch grow, ripen and eat.

This beautiful basket I'm carrying was a gift from our old neighbors. We meant for a whole year to have them over for supper. When we finally did, late this summer, it was as they were packing to move to Damariscotta. And during our visit with them we found out how much we had in common and how great it would of been to know each other sooner!

We sent them home with a large berry basket of tomatoes and the next day they delivered this wooden basket as a thank you gift, on one of their last moving loads. The husband & father of the family is a wood worker and made it himself. I'd say we faired better in this exchange of gifts! It has become my favorite garden accessory and filling it with vegetables fresh from my garden leaves me feeling contented and blessed. 

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