Instead of

Nativity Celine's photoNativity Celine's photo</span>writing a Christmas letter, stringing lights outside and making my yearly DVD of family photos and video I've been reading & crocheting. To my credit however, I blog every week so if family or friends want to know what's going on they can read it here. And I did put little candles in the front windows and I do plan on preparing the DVD in the New Year.

Why the break from tradition? I'm tired of busy Decembers and doing Christmas stuff because I "ought to". Deep down I've envied my husband's easy going Decembers for years (why is it always the wives & mothers running around doing all this self-imposed work trying to make the perfect holiday). Enough! This year I've joined him in the life of "December Ease" and I've whittled down my Christmas preparations to the things I enjoy and the few things that absolutely must be done whether I want to or not. Everything else is just well, not getting done.

So, instead of Christmas cards stayed tuned in future blogs for a few book reviews of recent reads.

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  • Karen

    Karen on Dec. 13, 2007, 2:37 p.m.

    You go girl!! Who of us can't relate? Ideas for all the things I think are needful for the best holiday season are easy to come by - even accompanied by short term enthusiasm and motivation - but somewhere along the way there's a disconnect and then it becomes stressful. That's the position I'm trying to avoid.


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