Improvements to Our "Water Closet"

This is the second post in a series of home renovation posts. Here are the rest:

This is the second post in my home renovation series. Here is the first one about our kitchen and dining room projects

Bathrooms aren't terribly important to me in terms of house space. We didn't buy our house because of its bathroom but there are certain features about it we like.  

The best thing going for our rather small bathroom is that it has two sinks. This makes teethbrushing and washing up a communal affair and makes having just one bathroom for a family of five very manageable. The only time I ever want more than one is when we have families staying with us. 

The nice thing about having only one bathroom is there is only one bathroom to clean. I'd rather do anything, except maybe shopping, than clean the tub and shower. I'm happy there's only one of those. 

Our bathroom also has a lot of storage space. Too much if you ask me. Empty spaces just beg to be filled. I've been seriously purging our bathroom clutter and much of this space is now empty.

Just how many towels, toiletries and old medicines do you really need? Not much.

We didn't do a lot of work in the bathroom since moving here. It was in good shape. Sure, we didn't like the paneled walls but they weren't hideous. The basic structure of the room has remained the same. Some of our most recent moving prep projects have been to replace the twenty year old vanity, fix the radiator, paint the cupboards, door trim and part of the ceiling.

I didn't take many "before" photos of our bathroom. Let's face it, the bathroom is not a very inspirational place for photography. Below is the only one I have that shows the space before painting.

I shared this photo originally in July of 2007 when I wrote about how little time I spend deep cleaning and scrubbing the floors.

Next up in this home renovation series is bedrooms. Stay tuned.

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