Happy Birthday Brienne

Today is my youngest child's 6th birthday.

Dear Brienne,

Don't ever lose the fire in your belly and the mischief in your eye. You are one tenacious girl and when someone, usually me, is on the receiving end of that determination you can be somewhat... challenging. But boy oh boy, when you set your mind to do something good, like setting the pace when we hike mountains, watch out.

You are strong and willful. Sometimes sassy but tenderhearted. Determined to win, deeply disappointed when you don't. You never want to be left behind.

You are affectionate and loving. Always wanting to be tickled, swung up and over my back. "Hold me upside down!"

You can make me cry and beg for mercy (someone. anyone. help me with this child!). But you also make me laugh, deep belly laughs of joy at your mischievous delight in the world. You like your food sweet and salty but I think you are sweet and spicy. Of my three, you're the child most like me in looks and disposition, no wonder we come head to head so often.

You are a rag a muffin princess. With messy hair, a dirty face and a love for all things pink and sparkly.

You still sleep with your blankie and find your way to our bed on weekend mornings and after scary dreams.

Dolly sleeps

Part angel. Part spitfire. Wholly your own. Wholly ours.


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  • Jamie

    Jamie on Nov. 26, 2008, 4:49 p.m.

    What a sweet thing to for your daughter. She's a real cutie.

    By the way, I tagged you on my blog. Play along if you like!

    Happy Birthday Brienne!


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