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I spend a fair amount of time perusing the web each week reading other blogs about all kinds of topics. I find myself coming back to and subscribing to blogs that touch on areas I like to write about and photograph - homeschooling, family life, photography in general, greener urban living, gardening, plant based eating, being a creative mama and taking care of your family, nature and the outdoors, social justice, community life.

You can see why my blog has no niche whatsoever! Hence the title which tries to capture it all.

I often find links to cool articles and ideas that I'd like to share because the information was helpful to me so hey, it might be helpful to you too. I'm thinking of writing a weekly post, maybe Monday or Tuesday with my favorite links from the past week. Five links for each of the five menu sections of my blog. Or maybe you haven't noticed Mama Speak, Homeschool, Urban Homestead, Neighborhood and Gallery right underneath my FIMBY blog header.

Anyway, I'm starting this week. Here goes:

Mama Speak: The Mother Letter Project If this isn't mama speak I don't know what is. I'd like to write a letter to myself and submit it to the project.

Homeschool: Thankful Tree, just in time for Thanksgiving. No, we're not doing one, too busy with other crafty projects but I love the idea.

Urban Homestead: Please Don't Pass the Bread: A Dinner Host's Guide to Gluten Free Hosting a gluten-free eater for Thanksgiving? This is good place to start.

Neighborhood: An Emerging Church Thanks Damien for pointing to this link, that helps give words to how I feel about church these days.

Gallery: I'm really debating whether to post of a favorite photo of the week or a tip I've read. So this week it's both. Shoot for the Moon, a photography tutorial on, you guessed it, taking photos of the moon. Man, I wish I wasn't such a wimp about freezing my fingertips or I might actually try this sometime soon. And I loved this scarf photo, it's cheery and warm, perfect for a very cold November day.

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