Garden report - Mid April

I'm munching on my salad of farm grown greenhouse mesclun mix that we picked up with our spring share yesterday. The first taste of farm greens is a near spiritual experience for me. Correction, it is spiritual. I am deeply grateful for the turning of the seasons, the Creator and the farmer who grew these vegetables for me. While at the farm yesterday I volunteered to glean the remains of the morning's baby spinach harvest while the kids played for hours in the orchards, fields, mud and barns with no worries about cars or strangers - another gift I'm so grateful for.

Today we are in our garden. Building the calendula bed, raking, pruning and cleaning perennial beds. Chives are up and looking beautiful but that's about it for edibles - thank goodness once again for the farm! The day is an unbelievable 78F, hot enough to warrant homemade lemonade made with (don't tell) white sugar. Kids are happy and I'm in gardening euphoria.

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