Friday's Flowers ~ In My Backyard

I'm now going to break my own guidelines for Friday's Flowers and post photos this week of my flower garden - outside.  

But I have a good reason, three in fact.

  1. The painted lady butterflies (Vanessa cardui) have been visiting our butterfly bush (Buddleia) and Echinacea this week and I have found that sight more inspiring than indoor flowers. To make the viewing and photography of these visitors easier I removed the screens from certain windows and we have stood watching as two, sometimes three at a time come to drink nectar. 
  2. We are going to visit friends in NH this weekend so after my first bouquet wilted earlier this week I didn't pick another. 
  3. I prepared a complete lunch - main dish and dessert for 25 people this week, a volunteer contribution to a community organization and to say I'm tired from that venture is an understatement. Little things, like picking and photographing a fresh bouquet became much less important that simply holding down the fort while I finished that project.
  4. It's my blog and I don't have to play by the rules. This is not truly a good reason for breaking the rules but I did say three at the top of this list. 

view of backyard from our bathroom window,
screen temporarily removed

So today is backyard flowers, not bouquet flowers. Fitting though, don't you think, for a blog titled Fun In My Back Yard.

Vanessa cardui
on Buddleia

Clearwinged Hawk or Sphinx Moth
exact species name unknown

What flowers are blooming in your yard these days? Any winged visitors? What are you cutting to bring indoors to enjoy?


Welcome to Friday's Flowers! If you're just visiting today and want to know what's going on please read this post. Use the linky feature below to share your bouquet blossoms.

Pick some flowers, arrange 'em pretty, take a photo, post it to your blog, link to Friday's Flowers and share it with us. (Or bend the rules as I did and post photos of any flowers that suit your fancy).

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  • marcia at Child in Harmony

    marcia at Child in Harmony on July 17, 2010, 1:22 a.m.

    Flowers are Flowers!..inside and it's good to break the rules sometimes hahaha. Pretty flowers, pretty visitors! We've had so many visitors in our garden but that will have to be another post.

    happy day and enjoy N.H. !


  • Francesca

    Francesca on July 18, 2010, 12:10 p.m.

    My "back yard" is a sad mess at the moment. I just spent two hours watering and weeding and trying to find my vegetable garden, but I don't think I made much improvement.
    PS from my bathroom seat I also have a view (of the forest):)


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