That time of year

Willow pond garden & houseWillow pond garden & house</span>Yesterday I bought a bag of newly picked apples from the farm. Sigh.... As much as I love the familiar and delicious crunch of a fresh, locally grown apple I am slightly melancholic that it's late summer and fall is just around the corner.

Thankfully, we've celebrated summer today with my mom and auntie who arrived last night for a few days visit. Started the morning bright and early by going to the 6 am balloon launch of the annual Great Falls Balloon Festival. Then after a pancake breakfast with mom's homemade cherry syrup (thanks mom for bringing that) we went berry picking, man can those 'girls' pick! We rested this afternoon, had a summer supper of potato salad & baked zucchini and topped it all of with ice cream. Fall may be on it's way but we're still living summer.

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