First week of Christmas and Winter

A snowstorm hit early this week and put us in the winter/Christmas spirit. Damien had Monday off work since the college was closed due to the snow. Although it was a busy "work day" for me (lots of food planning for next couple weeks) the kids played hours outside and I treated them to freshly baked peppermint gingersnap cookies.

Also this week we started celebrating advent with our candle lighting, Bible reading & carol singing tradition. The rest of the week when we weren't running pre-Christmas errands the kids spent lots of time outdoors, which was wonderful and I joined them yesterday afternoon for tunnel digging and snow frolicking in Dairy Joy's parking lot (big snow mounds from clearing the parking lot).

Feels like Christmas is here and I'm enjoying it. I'm not even attempting to accomplish it all, do it all, buy it all, make it all, see it all, bake it all, whatever it all. Just doing what our family values and finding peace in that not-too-busy space.

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