Tree Study

The tree is up, Christmas season has officially started!

Since Thanksgiving we have been taking a school break. Instead we're spending our usual school time on Christmas & seasonal related stuff - making gifts, extra errands, projects, decorating, playing in the snow etc... So, the kids aren't practicing their handwriting everyday nor is Celine doing her math program. And unfortunately we're not reading as much either (which is their history, geography and everything else studies). 

However, the kids are still managing to learn. Tonight after all the tree decorating was done and Damien and I were working on individual projects the kids did "tree study". This involved estimating and measuring decorations, branches & needles. And devising a shorthand to record their findings (ie: vrm - very rough measurement). If they weren't so darn cute doing this and having so much fun you'd think they were trying to earn extra school credit or something. Pretty cool, our kids do math for fun, not because it's an assignment or homework.

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