End of garden season

Garden tomatoes, August

I spent my last couple of hours in the garden this past Friday. Finally got all the rest of my bulbs in. To be honest, I wasn't that motivated to be out there digging in the near freezing dirt but next spring I'll be happy I did.

We are down to our last 3 puny tomatoes picked green from our garden a month ago. Today when I stopped to get some produce I had to buy tomatoes for the week and I haven't done that for months. That was disappointing (nothing tastes like homegrown tomatoes). I love growing my own food more than I would ever have imagined. It's spiritual, nutritional, sustainable, frugal etc... all rolled into one.

Maybe we can have an urban homestead like this one day and grow lots of our own food. Would help I suppose if we moved to California....

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  • Karen

    Karen on Nov. 11, 2007, 9:03 p.m.

    While your Dad is in the kitchen cooking a knackwurst skillet dish(using Lunenburg beef sausage) I've been reading your blogs aloud to him. Before I got to the last paragraph of this one, his comment was, "they should be living in the country!" He was probably thinking of a rural homestead rather than urban but the sentiment is the same - more room to grow more food ("food is good"). We're looking forward to coming to visit you - and eating some of your good food.


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