Albany Mountain

Albany Mountain, White Mountain National Forest
This weekend's hike was our first adventure in the White Mountain National Forest. After today's visit we are very excited about exploring this treasure more in the future. We even stumbled across a rustic campground we want to stay at next summer, not a chance we'd see any RV's at this place. We've been looking for such a campground all this past summer.

The day was chilly, temperature hovered around freezing, and we came across a lot of ice. A first this season. Another first was meeting a hunter on the trail. It was a little startling to come across someone with a big gun! Other than that one person we had the trail to ourselves.

Our kids amazed us once again. We didn't hear one complaint or any whining for the whole 4 hours we were out (4 mile trek with lunch at the summit). My kids put me to shame. I tend to be a whiner in the cold but their example encouraged me. The few times Brienne got cold we stopped to rub toes or fingers and add more layers.

I'm happy to be home now, wrapped in a blanket and feeling cozy. But I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been out in the chilly, clear mountain air today. I'm especially thankful for a husband that takes our family out to experience the wonder of the woods and in that experience challenges us, building our character as individuals and as a family.

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