Yellow, white and pink all over ~ a new duvet cover

dandelions: as seen floating in our backyard "pond"dandelions: as seen floating in our backyard "pond"</span>

Everything is in bloom right now and I'm heady with blossom happiness. This is the perfect time for a new spring & summer duvet cover that celebrates the beauty of this season.

apple blossom: at the farmapple blossom: at the farm</span>

For some time I've wanted to give our bed a fresh look so about a month ago I took a trip to the thrift store in search of sheets. I knew I wanted pink flowers and yellow accents. I'm not really a pink person in my decorating "style" but this time around I wanted pretty and feminine and pink fit the bill.

anyone know what kind of blossoms these are?anyone know what kind of blossoms these are?</span>

I lucked out. I came home with this sweet vintage pink, yellow and white flower patterned sheet. I paired it with a plain pink sheet, also found at the thrift store, for the underside.

I had to wait a couple weeks longer than planned since our sewing machine was being repaired. But once I started I was done the project in under an hour. And the best thing was I didn't have to use a measuring tape, iron or pins. I love sewing large rectangles!

Both sheets cost me $5.00 total and the yellow pillow I already had. In fact I picked it up at for $2 at the only yard/rummage sale I went to all last summer. I'm really am not a yard sale gal so when I find these treasures I am doubly delighted.

I love yellow!I love yellow!</span>

For more easy sheet sewing projects (and pretty skirt pattern links) check out one vintage sheet at Which Name?. Nicola's pretty handy with a sheet and sewing machine if you ask me.


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  • kirwin

    kirwin on May 20, 2009, 2:24 p.m.

    Your bedsheet/cover is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe you found that at a thrift shop. I'm not a "pink" person either, but that print is just precious.

    I love hitting the "local" flea market, but I don't have patience for thrift shops or garage sales -- I never find anything good.


  • Katie @ Making This Home

    Katie @ Making This Home on May 21, 2009, 2:19 a.m.

    I was just looking at duvet covers and nearly choked - $50 was the cheapest anywhere. I told my husband I was making one out of two sheets. Now we have to go grab some sheets the next time we're in town. But that's okay. Seeing what you have done makes me more convinced than ever to do it. Beautiful! Katie

    Katie @ Making This Home's last blog post... We?re Making THIS Home?


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