What do you get as a Patron?

Rolling right along with my Patreon launch :)

When you become a Patron of my blog, you're supporting my writing. You're saying "I value this in my life."

I'm a Patron of several thinker/podcaster/speaker type people and the reason I support them is because I value their work in the world and what they contribute to my life. I have a richer life because of their work and their ideas.

So, if you feel that way about my writing you can join my Patreon and support the continued publishing of this blog.

But Patrons of my writing don't just get to see me continue blogging. (Because honestly, I'm blogging regardless of Patron support. This baby is a labor of love. I can't not blog.) Patrons gain access to new stuff I'm writing, creating, and making.

I explain all that in this video.

If you're reading this in email you'll need to click over to my blog post to watch the video.

If you're not interested in watching the video here's the run-down of what Patrons get.

If you want to be a part of this, the first tier of support is $5/month

At the $5/month level you get a once-a-month podcast where I interview an extraordinary ordinary person around the themes I write about on my blog.

You become part of the community and you can ask questions and connect with me and other people around those ideas.

If you resonate at all with how I write; with honesty, vulnerability, seeking truth and beauty; or with what I write (the topics, themes, and ideas), I think you’re really going to enjoy these interviews and connecting with other people who are also engaging with these interviews.

You'll have access to other freebies. I'm considering an audio version of the blog as a bonus for this level of support.

Future tiers

As I create courses or themed content Patrons can give at higher levels to gain access to those resources and support. That content will be dependent on Patron interest and need, yet to be determined.

But the interviews at the $5/month level are definitely happening and already available.

If you have any questions just feel free to ask.

I have two more Patreon launch posts to share. I realized some of you might have questions about how to get your Patron-only materials. What's the best way to view, see, download those? Are they shareable? That kind of thing. So I'm going to do a post explaining that and then I'll finish with a summary post, in case you missed any details in the previous posts :)

Then we'll be back to the regular content here, which is going to be good. Because man, there's a lot of stuff percolating and happening in a home with three interest-led, creative, independent-minded homeschooled teens/young adults, a lot of travel and adventure, a mom (me) working part-time at a cool job (which I really want to share with you in more depth), spiritual and intellectual growth, etc, etc. Yep, lots to dive into.

This post is available as an audio recording (like a blog podcast) on Patreon.

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