Wet morning outdoors

The kids and I enjoyed a morning outside yesterday. The weather was warm and snow was melting, in addition it was raining so there were lots of puddles to jump in! We are expecting some more winter weather this weekend but yesterday we enjoyed a precursor to spring!

Girls in the RainCeline Rainy March Walk March Drips Brienne rainy March walk Laurent Rainy March Walk
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  • barbara

    barbara on March 18, 2007, 6:02 a.m.

    What a nice arrangement of pictures. I love them. We are having some lovely spring weather too. I have already spent some time on the deck in my shorts, watching the snow melt. The gueese are coming back... honking to announce their arrival. A welcome sound. And yesterday I heard an owl calling for a mate. Ahhhhh...I love spring. Pretty soon the partridges will be thumping their wings too and the air will be filled with birds calling to each other, looking for mates.


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