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Wandering Home Bill McKibben I'm currently reading Bill McKibben's book "Wandering Home". I really enjoy McKibben's writing and his essays and articles seem to keep turning up in the publications I read. There are two things, predominantly, that I am enjoying about this book.

Firstly, McKibben has a real sense of place and is connected to the "people" community and physical environment he lives in. These are yearnings in my own heart - to be connected in my community and to be connected to the land in a real, tangible way. Even though I am a confirmed city dweller, Bill McKibben encourages me that I can be connected to the land if I make a conscience decision to do so.

Secondly, McKibben's writing shows me that another world is possible and is perhpas emerging. Our family is not alone in our quest to live with less and really examine how we live and how it affects the people and natural world around us. There are others like ourselves who have similiar ideals and are striving to make daily decisions - what we eat & where it's grown, what we wear, where we work, where we shop, if we shop, what we drive and how we drive, how we spend our time etc... based on the values of relationship and responsibility.

Oh, and a third thing I like about McKibben. He's from Vermont and stories of New Englanders and the difference they are making in their communities is woven through his work. He himself is very attached to the actual landscape of New England and I am reading his stories from this perspective as I myself am becoming increasingly attached to the New England landscape, culture and ethic. Claiming that culture as my own, identifying with it and finding I am at home here. Not quite wandering home* but discovering home.

*McKibben's book chronicles his walking/wandering journey from his home in Vermont to his second home in the New York Adirondacks

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  • Karen

    Karen on March 22, 2007, 3:52 p.m.

    This looks like a book I'll have to put on my to-read list. It sounds like this author is expressing something that I can identify with but have not been able to put into words myself, or maybe even into definite thoughts. Too much stuff happening right now for me to start a book but summer is coming!


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