Trampoline in backyardTrampoline in backyard</SPAN>Our ubersafe trampoline was delivered yesterday. Damien set it up last night and the kids spent a large portion of today jumping on it. I've been on it a couple times and I don't remember it being such a work out when I was younger. I was out of breath and felt my heart pumping harder than it has for months (I am not a runner like my parents). But, it was so much fun! It's awesome because it's a form of play with my kids that I like to do. I do many things with my kids - play hide & seek, legos, card games, arts & crafts, kissing monster etc... but nothing that's quite as much exercise as trampoline jumping. I can see this will be a great activity for a multi-tasker as myself.

I've had a funny feeling today, in getting this trampoline. I feel very "parental". My parents bought our family a trampoline when I was a child and I feel very blessed that we also can provide this for our children. When I watch them laughing, jumping and totally enjoying childhood I get a sense of what my parents must of felt like as they watched my brother & I bloom in the secure and loving home they provided.

Strange but true, I usually feel like a 19 year old who happens to have an 11 year marriage, mortgage, and 3 kids. But today as I watched my kids I felt like a parent, undeniably more responsible and rooted than I was as a teen. I realized, perhaps a little late, that I really am, gulp, a "grown up".

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    JohannaLang22 on Sept. 22, 2010, 2:20 a.m.

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