Sweet Spring

It's been way too long since I posted a blog... Sorry for those who read this, hoping to stay connected to our lives. It's been a wonderful spring (ie: Mid April - Mid May) but incredibly full. Perhaps I neeed to accept that life is always full and stop waiting for it to slow down so I can "catch up".

In no particular order...

  • My garden. Oh spring is such a glorious time. I've been weeding, transplanting and mulching. I've also been doing some landscape work with rocks on the ground under the eaves, to help stop the soil erosion. The rocks piled on our driveway are slowly going down. Kids have started their vegetable gardens and I have to bring in more compost before we plant the remainder of the garden vegetables next week.

    Spring Side flower bed Brienne on rocks

  • Trips & Outdoors. My parents moved to Nova Scotia the beginning of May and we drove there last weekend to welcome them to the east. It was a surprise for my mom and she was thrilled. Nova Scotia is as beautiful as everyone says it is and we had a wonderful time with my parents. Still in shock that they are only 12 hours away. The weekend before that we did our first geocache of the season with good friends, great to be out hiking again. We are preparing for our first camping trip of the season, coming up soon. Can't wait to be smelling that fresh piney air, snuggling with the kids in the tent and making camp coffee in the morning.

    Brienne Rissiers Beach Nova Scotia Nanas Backyard Mt Apetite geocaching

  • Food, Community & Church. We started a food buying club with Associated Buyers for our "foodie friends" - friends from our health course and others that are interested in buying more organic, natural, specialty and bulk foods at better prices. This has been more work than I anticipated but well worth it as our family is able to secure quality food (& lots of bulk goods) at reduced prices. At the same time we're meeting another important family goal - building community. Speaking of community, we recently joined the Lots to Gardens Community Promotions Committee. We're doing it as a family but so far only Damien has been actively involved creating a blog for them.

    Many of you already know we are starting a house church (this is not as sudden as it may seem for those who only read our blog and aren't connected to our mailing groups) in the next month or two. We've spent a lot of time reading, praying & researching since leaving Mechanic Falls Vineyard in January. We are super excited about where God is leading us and feel we're embarking on a great adventure that will allow us to live out a more everyday, community minded, life sharing and growing faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Learning & Growing. A little over a month ago I was struggling with "what exactly am I accomplishing with my children" doubts and insecurities. I came out of that time with some concrete plans and purposes. Happy to say that some of those of have been met : ) Although we haven't done everything on the "learning list" I have been more mindful in directing & supporting my children's interests. At Celine's request we've incorporated a math curriculum into our routine. No, she didn't say "mom, I'd like a math curriculum" but said "math sure is fun, I'd like to do more of it" - no problem!

    Also, since instituting a defined daily chore and allowance system the house is running smoother than I can ever remember, except for maybe when Celine was a baby. I can say already the training is so worth the initial extra effort. And now the kids can spend their own money when we go out for ice cream!

Phew, I think that generally recaps the last month. Need to wrap this up so I can get some photos on the site from Celine's birthday party today. I am so not old enough to have an 8 year old!

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  • becky

    becky on May 24, 2007, 7:41 p.m.

    I have never heard of a 'Food Buying Club'. It sounds like a great idea...with big benefits! Looking forward to hearing how and where this Club may take you in the future.


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