These Two

They don't know it, but they're best friends. They spend their days playing together - all manner of games. Sneaky, hide-and-scare-mommy games are their favorite. Dressing up and stalking around the house like ninjas is also a fun one. Whispering under tents, sharing stories and plots. Building fairies houses in the woods, endless hours of lego.

They don't fight but that's mostly because big brother is so gentle hearted. As he says, "I just want people to be happy". His sister might phrase that a little differently to, "I just want people to make me happy".

I sometimes step in to guide and correct. To teach one child how to not be taken advantage of. And to teach the other to not push so far and so hard you alienate those you love (oh my goodness is she ever like me!) But mostly they manage their own disagreements. With help from a calm, level headed, and semi-detached-from-the-situation older sister.

They both thrive on touch and their play is often physical. Sometimes this makes mama nervous but I know they need to tussle like puppies. I issue mostly ignored warnings now and again, "if you play rough, someone might get hurt." Sometimes someone does and it's often the baby. But then again, she's usually got it coming to her. 

Mostly though, brother and sister are gentle and kind to each other. And when brother suffers an injustice you won't meet a stauncher defender than his sister. She will negotiate and argue his case like the future attorney she may become. 

They are my joy and delight. These two.

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  • Jennifer

    Jennifer on Sept. 18, 2012, 8:40 p.m.

    This really spoke to my mama-soul today! My oldest two are so close and love each other dearly. I love how you describe your daughter: mine is the same (although my big boy is not so kind-hearted)! How refreshing to know that she isn't the only little person whose world is so geared toward her happiness ;)! (And I think God makes those with personalities like that a bit more we don't kill them! Just kidding...kind of.) They are the best of friends and miss each other dearly if they have to be apart.


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