The view around here

This morning looked like this. Before the day got really hot, 90F in early June in Maine is kind of ridiculous.

Thankfully we had made plans to visit our good friends and so spent the hottest part of the day at their town beach, a block from their house. Maine is a good place.

Our backyard is a hotter than the blazes right now under the late afternoon sun. But this morning it was very pleasant, especially in the sun dappled, cool corner by the Siberian Irises. What does your backyard look like these days? Post a comment with a link to a photo or blog.

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  • Just Pure Lovely

    Just Pure Lovely on June 12, 2008, 4:34 p.m.

    Gracious, I had no idea our weather had seeped up there. It is hot here, too, but there are the sea breezes. And, of course, not a soul doesn't have air conditioning, I don't think. I hope not.


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