The View Around Here ~ Warmth

The fire is crackling near my toes, snow is lightly falling outside (yes snow, it won't stay), my coffee in hand.

Could this morning be more cozy?

It was cold and wet in our neck of the woods this week. After the glory that has been our autumn so far, this week caught me off guard and reminded me, in full force, of what is to come.

Fall's first serious frost. The browning of brilliant leaves. Scarves, wool socks, down vests, and toques. First fire and lots of soup.

The grey jays visit every day now, eating seeds out of our hands.

There were books and presents in the mail. Crafts for the kids from the Netherlands! (Thank you Miriam). And for me, a book from Christina. Perfect. All round.

There was a drawing inward this week in some respects, honoring my natural monthly cycle and also tuning into the full onset of chilly fall. Hot baths, early bedtimes, afternoon reading with tea, my favorite homemade (vegan) milky chai. (Ok, so most of that is nothing new. I'm a creature of habit, what can I say? My simple routines make me happy.)

And yet while I felt drawn to stay close to hearth and home, there was a sense of being fully alive and very engaged in my world. Running a race, studies (the kids and my own), homeschool coaching. All of those stretching me a wee bit but in directions that feel full of promise.

There was so much writing, but very little publishing. And I felt a certain unease about that (I love a short writing/publishing turnaround) but we are making progress on so very many creative and entrepreneurial fronts that one less post will be ok.

We are backpacking this weekend. Because though we live in the woods we love to hike through the woods and sleep on the ground. And we've got new tents we want to test.

I'll be back Monday with the longest homeschool post I've ever published. Until then, what's the view where you live right now?

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  • Neptune

    Neptune on Oct. 12, 2012, 11:50 p.m.

    We got the snow too!! Was not mentally prepared for that. I guess winter is coming sooner then I thought (hoped) But I am warming up as I am reading your post :)

    Have a good hiking trip!


  • Nicole

    Nicole on Oct. 14, 2012, 8:07 p.m.

    We also took off to go backpacking, but it turned out to be car-camping with day hiking because of the weather. As soon as we set up the tents Thursday night a storm came through, raining where we were at 7800 feet, but dumping snow up at 8500 feet and beyond, closing the pass through which we needed to go. We decided it would be better not to pack in since we don't have appropriate gear for overnighting it in the snow.

    Once the weather cleared & the pass opened the next day, doing the hike as a day hike was still fabulous! A gorgeous fall day; we reached our goal 4 miles in over 10,000 feet, with a view of Mono Lake 3000 feet below. Great family time, a much-need escape - thank you for all your constant inspiration here at FIMBY and Outsideways!!!!!!!! Hope you guys are having a great time as well this weekend!


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