The View Around Here ~ In the woods

It's wood weekend. We're renting a splitter with our friend/landlord and splitting a bunch of wood. We're sharing the work and we're sharing the wood to heat our homes this winter.

We live in "woodsville" you could say. Our house is surrounded by woods.

And stashed here and there and everywhere around the property are piles of cut wood. Discarded wood from old building projects, neatly stacked cedar planks for finishing the outside of the house, and felled trees that are drying this year before they become next winter's heat.

I don't take many photos of these particular woods surrounding our house since I find it rather messy and not so pretty.

But our view of the living woods - the golden, scarlet and ochre of this season - more than make up for the less-than-pleasant, ramshackle wood piles.  

This week the kids and I started moving some of that wood (the ramshackle bits) into an organized wood pile, near the basement door. We're newbies at this so it's not a work of art but it does the job. There will be a lot more wood stacking happening during the month of October, getting ready for winter.

And slowly, as we heat our house over the next couple of years, we'll be tidying up all the unsightly wood piles around the property. And maybe then I'll actually post photos with more than this view. 

We went hiking last weekend in these woods around our house - a day's worth of hiking (even a summit) right outside our door. I do love these woods. 

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  • whitney

    whitney on Sept. 29, 2012, 12:20 a.m.

    oh my, does this post take me back! when i was growing up on the olympic peninsula in washington state, autumn was "wood season." if we were lucky, my family could get its hands on a rented wood splitter; otherwise, our saturdays were filled with the ringing of my dad's ax like the ringing of pa's ax in the big woods. we all had our jobs: my mom carried or rolled the unsplit logs to my dad. my dad split them with the unerring speed of a man who knows that a wood stove is all he's got to keep his family warm through the winter. my little brother collected the split wood and carried it to the floor of our wood shed. and i was the wood stacker extraordinaire! to this day, it's one of my secret super powers: i can cord wood faster and more beautifully than your average washingtonian! (too bad it makes a lousy party trick!) godspeed in your cording endeavors, rene! may you and your family have a wonderful weekend!


  • Carol Samsel

    Carol Samsel on Sept. 29, 2012, 1:14 a.m.

    Beautiful view! We are getting ready to start building the wood piles here too. It's hard work but makes for a warm winter :0)


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