The People of Common Ground Fair

We went to the Common Ground Country Fair this past weekend. This was our first year of taking in all three days. Even so, there was so much more to see and do than we could possibly manage with three kids in tow. We even missed the family contra dance on Sunday afternoon (bummer), not to mention the hundreds of talks, demonstrations and entertainment that were on-going.

Our kiddo's favorite activity was perusing and shopping in the Youth Enterprise Zone. A tent of young vendors, mostly homeschoolers, selling their crafts and creations. Very inspiring for my young artists.

Other favorites were sliding down the grassy amphitheater knoll on cardboard sleds (Common Ground's "midway" entertainment), creating with clay, watching the always popular sheep dog demonstration, observing a blacksmith at work, and of course eating. Lots of eating. All organic, whole grain, sugar free, mostly Maine farm grown food. Local food heaven. I would go to the fair just for the food but it's so much more than that.

What I loved most about the fair were the people. Meeting random friends and acquaintances and realizing that after 6 years of living in Maine and still feeling like newcomers we actually have a history here. Talking with the ball cap wearing spinner about her fuzzy bunny "fur" sweater. Meeting the outdoorsman who was tanning his own leather and teaches primitive living skills.

Admiring the handiwork of many Maine artisans & craftspeople, coming away inspired by their talents and challenged to pursue our own. The mama who sews cloth diapers, the man who makes knives, the teenager (homeschooled of course) who makes glass blown jewelery. Listening to the musicians roving the grounds and standing on stages playing fiddles, banjos, bagpipes, accordions, washboards and whistles (you name it).

And that's just the fair! Since we went all 3 days we stayed close by at an organic farm where we got to meet more interesting people. The farmer who built a cave underneath his dairy barn to make authentic Camembert cheese and laid out a spread of farm-made cheeses for his camping guests. The fiddlers who played tunes around the Saturday night bonfire. The New Brunswick outdoor guide (check out Northwoods Survival) and his organic farmer wife with whom I had an instant connection since he is originally from Alberta and she is from Nova Scotia. The chef and designer tenting next door who just moved from New York City and are working on an organic farming learning how to harvest vegetables year round.

The Common Ground Country Fair, the best of Maine, the best of life!

{to see slideshow of photos below click on one}

Farm Troy Maine Fiery Fiddles


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