Sunsets at Berkeley Marina

I was wrestling a lot of words while we were staying on the boat in Berkeley. And I published some pretty word-intense posts. Not everyone's cup of tea.

I was also taking lots of photos. Photos of the marina, photos of sailing, photos of California. I'm going to attempt to share my favorites in a succession of photos posts (high photo to word ratio) while I have good internet access again.

We stayed on a sailboat at the Berkeley marina for three and half weeks. That was homebase from which to explore the Bay and surrounding areas.

The marina offered stunning views of the sunset over the mountains of Marin county.

Some of these photos I took right from the boat, popping my head outside the companionway. Others I took from the public park and paths of César E. Chávez Park, next to the marina.

The marina was a magical place to stay for our time in California.

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