Summer Stories ~ Urban adventures

The weather continues to give us summer through the middle of September. Which fits my frame of mind nicely and let's me finish publishing my Summer Stories without feeling out-of-step with the season.

Today's Story: Urban Adventures

Yesterday was the first time in three months that we'd all been to the mountains together. We knew that when we moved to the city it would be harder to get into the outdoors regularly, that we were trading one lifestyle and environment for another. It's not just the difference of living in the city vs. living in the woods, it's also the age and activities of our kids, our schedule is not as open and parent-directed as it once was. (I'll be blogging more about that in the near future.)

But we believe adventures are not just about getting out of the city into the outdoors, but discovering the outdoors in our city, or simply discovering the city. Urban adventuring is finding the treasures, natural and human-made, in our environment. And in Montreal, there are many. It's shouldering our backpacks and taking a long walk, often right from our door, into territories unknown and unfamiliar. Sometimes it's simply taking an afternoon walk, or bike ride through our neighborhood.

That's been our adventuring this summer. Adventures of an urban variety.

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